Feferi / Ripley

Speaker of the Vast Glub


Hello! I'm Miri, but most people know me simply as Feferi or Fefmom! I'm 19, being born on March 16th, and I use they/them pronouns. I identify as queer, polyamorous, and nonbinary, usually going by agender if I have to pick an option.

I own a leopard gecko named Vera and 3 tarantulas! I have a major interest in bugs and invertebrates, so please talk to me about them! I'm also majorly interested in Homestuck, biology, evolution, palaeontology, and Monster Prom.

I am kin with Miranda Vanderbilt (Monster Prom), Feferi Peixes (Homestuck), and a few other (but not as prominent) things. I have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and Schizophrenia, so please watch out for those.

I am a huge fan of writing and roleplaying, with my two main characters being Miranda and Feferi! If you'd like to roleplay with me sometime, please go ahead and ask, I promise I don't bite!


These are the people I know best! Don't be insulted if you didn't make this list- these people I've talked to for months or even years on end, and so I know them better than I know anyone else! If there is a ❤️ next to their name, that means I am in a relationship with them!

Rosie ❤️
Conrad ❤️